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LoE Glass

Impact Options Available


LoE glass offers clear unobstructed views along with year-round energy savings. Neulite LoE glass is constructed with 1” double-paned insulated LoE 272 glass with Argon fill in a direct glaze application for maximum energy performance. 

LoE Impact Glass offers extra protection against windstorms. LoE Impact glass is constructed with 1” triple-paned insulated laminated LoE 272 glass with Argon fill to combine the benefits of our LoE glass with Impact protection needed for high wind zones.

Energy Star Certified



LoE Textured Glass

Impact Options Available

Translucent glass creates a space infused with natural light without compromising privacy.

Translucent Glass

Chord glass features vertical cascading lines which lets in natural light yet offers the privacy that you need.

Chord Glass

Energy Star Certified

LoE Mini Blinds

Impact Options Available


LoE Mini Blinds Glass are built with blinds protected between two panes of LoE glass, which improves the energy efficiency of the door while protecting the blinds from dust accumulation and curious fingers or paws.

Stay in control with the ability to raise, lower and tilt the blinds at the touch of a finger and adjust the blinds to your desired level of privacy and sunlight. Raise the blinds completely for maximum sunlight and an unobstructed view or close them completely for privacy.

Energy Star Certified

SDL Options

Simulated Divided Lites allow you to create the classic look and feel of a true divided lite door. 100% composite SDL bars are fixed directly to the glass. Neulite SDL bars have a shaker style square edge and come in a brushed finish to match the door’s finish.

View SDL Patterns

1-1/4" SDL


3-1/2" SDL


1-1/4" SDL Option

1-1/4” SDL bars can be used to create a traditional styled divided lite door. These narrow bars create a timeless classic style divided lite appearance.


Available in a variety of patterns for Full Lite and 3/4 Lite Neulite Doors


3-1/2" SDL Options

3-1/2” SDL bars offer a more modern take on divided lite doors. These wider bars can be used to create beautiful divided lite patterns with a more contemporary design that compliments any home


3-1/2” SDLs are available in 4 lite (6' 8" doors) and 5 lite (8"0" doors)