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Finish Options for Neulite Doors

Standard White Option

The standard white finish option offers the most versatility. The unique brushed texture of the Neulite Door allows the flexibility to customize the finish to fit any home. Leave the door white for a crisp classic look or choose a custom paint or stain color.

Paint - When painted, the brushed texture provides an ideal surface for paint adhesion, resulting in a beautiful, durable finish.

Stain -  When stained, the brushed texture achieves the look of fir grain wood.

Pre-Finished Black Through-Color Option

This finish option features fiberglass that has been pre-pigmented in the manufacturing process, then finished with a black painted UV topcoat to achieve a rich deep color. The result is a durable door in which the color becomes an integral part of the door and not just a finish that merely coats the surface. 

Need More Info?

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